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    Our Philosophy

    ”Create a world in which everyone can carve out a career for themselves by abundant possibilities”

    About Fill and Moo

    FILL and Moo are movie fairies. The yellow one wearing a hat with a film pattern is FILL. The red one, whose motif is a dream seed which can transform into anything, is Moo. They were born to bring movies to children all over the world.They are the mascot characters of the worldwide traveling cinema for children “World Theater Project”, and symbols of our philosophy.


    We believe that to deliver movies is seeding a field with dreams. Movies aren't a vital necessity, like food or vaccines, but they give our hearts nutrition and, sometimes, a goal in life.


    There are as many movies as there are stars in the sky, but most of the children we have met in developing countries don't even know what a movie is. Under these circumstances, they generally have fewer choices for their future. You cannot dream what you can’t imagine in the first place.


    Movies are a window to the world. Children get to know this new world through movies. They learn about countries and occupations. Even more, they discover that there isn’t just one way of living. We believe that movies have the power to broaden children's possibilities.

    Why don't we open up windows for children all over the world, with FILL and Moo?


    World Theater Project

  • Character


    FILL, It's a movie fairy wearing a hat with a film pattern.

    Its favorite food is Popcorn. It speaks Fill-nish.


    Moo, it is a seed of dreams which can turn itself into anything. It runs in a unique way and it speaks Moo-nish.

  • “FILL and Moo”

    The mascot characters, FILL and Moo, has been made into a cray animation movie "FILL and Moo".The cray animation movie "FILL and Moo" are for all the children in the world. It is well suitable as the first movie for all the children, especially young children.


    This movie was created for all the children living where there are no opportunities to watch movies due to economical or regional reasons. It tells what a movie is like and how impressive. It might be the first time for many children in developing countries.


    This movie brings joy as if you did adventure in a movie, feelings of loss after watching a movie and hope. This movie ends to bring you back to a daily life but you may feel something changed in your mind after watching this movie. Homage to many past masterpieces including “Arrival of Train at La Ciotat”of the Lumiere brothers (known as “The father of movies”)and “Roman Holiday” makes lots of fun to not only children but also adults.


    “Movies has the beauty and the power to save people from wars, and to lead to a peaceful world.”says the famous movie director "Akira Kurosawa". FILL, a movie fairy, has a secret power to bring its words to real life. Moo, the character who can transform itself into anything, was created based on a concept "a seed of dreams." This movie shows the philosophy of the World Theater Project; ”Movie delivery is to spread seeds of dreams. ”


    FILL lives in a ruin alone. Its face appears somehow sad and lonely. One day, a projector shows up in front. With the rattling sound of the film roll moving, it screens old film scenes. Suddenly Moo shows up, and calls FILL into the screen. The journey of FILL and Moo begins.

    It is a short cray animation movie created for all the children in the world.


    Run-time : 8 minutes

    Date of completion : October, 2017(Japan)

    Language : none

    Production : World Theater Project

    Background of this movie

    When we considered about mobile theater in developing countries, we got stuck in a problem of screening right of movies. Copy rights and any related property rights are indispensable to protect movies, however, we believe there are some needs for movies to be delivered free of charge to places lacking an opportunity for watching a movie like food or vaccine.


    It has been made into a movie thanks to the wonderful creator team led by the director "Ms.Toshiko Hata" and the full support from WOWOW Movies Studio, financed by crowd fund-raising project with the will of many supporters.


    This movie can be screened by no matter who respects this movie with will to deliver movies to children. Please inquire through the contact form in this website.


    Voice : Takumi Saitoh, Yuka Itaya
    Director/Writer/Animator/Editer : Toshiko Hata
    Planning/Story/Writer : Takumi Saitoh
    Planning/Writer/Producer : Saori Kyoraiseki
    Producer : Yutaka Endo
    Assistant Producer : Hitomi Yokoyama
    Production Manager : Yuhei Takahashi
    Character Designer : Aguri Miyazaki
    Music : Marisa Negi

    Sound Design : Masumi Takino
    Modeling : Yuko Miyajhima, Keiji Ikeda, Yasuko Abe, Sho Kondo, Sayaka Omodaka,Hitomi Mitani, Tamami Murata
    Production : Angle Ltd, Liability Co.
    Presented by : Non-profit Organization World Theater Project

  • World Theater Project

    The non-profit organization World Theater Project has been bringing traveling movie theaters to children in developing countries since 2012.

    A movie theater, no matter where

    We have brought generators and machines to show movies to schoolrooms or playgrounds at agricultural areas and open spaces in villages and so on. We have changed daily places of children into impromptu movie theaters.

    The first time watching movies

    There have been many children in rural areas, who have watched movies for the first time ever. After the film screenings, there were various pleasant changes, such as a girl who started following a new dream, a boy who started to go to school again, and much more.

    The life purpose of a ‘movie deliverer’

    People who deliver movies are local staff called ‘Movie Deliverers’. “Our job is to give children a dream.” they say, proudly showing movies once or twice a week. Approximately 50,000 children have watched movies by now.

  • Contact Us

    Please inquire through the following form for all matters like: screening ”FILL and Moo” in your country or abroad, information on the organization and its products, and requests for media coverage. Please understand that there are certain circumstances where it will take some time to reply to your queries.